How to detect a bug in a vehicle

How to detect a bug in a vehicle

How to detect a bug in a vehicle

Thousands of people are being tracked daily by several organizations; the victims are monitored, listened to, and watched. Some are being tracked by big organizations like the FBI as well. Most of these organizations want to get some information about you.

These victims usually have a few skilled athletes, susceptible information, and some of them work in big companies.

They are varieties of devices that are used in tracking your location, Listening, and conversations. That’s why we always say technology keeps improving by the day.  Tracking someone from a far destination has been easy through technology.


Most of the devices are hard to detect and also difficult to fish out. Even an expert can fish them out easily.

Some devices are sold in different online stores, like amazon; some of these devices are way cheaper than the ones the professionals use.

Examples of devices that are used by professionals are mostly GPS tracking devices and some hidden cameras; these Cameras are placed in offices or hotel rooms. A telephone interceptor is an example of a Device.

While the devices that are found in vehicles are called GPS trackers.

In this article, you will get to know the best way to fish out bugs in a vehicle. You will also know the best step to take when you find a bug in your car.

How do I know if my car has a bug?

We all know when we are being monitored; once you are in your right senses, you know when you are monitored by strangers.

We can catch a suspect easily; what matters most is being very smart. But the method used in Checking if your car has a bug is quite different. You will feel insecure When a stranger is trying to track you. In most cases, you won’t be told when you are being tracked but you will feel insecure automatically.  But it’s a bit hard to detect when your car has a bug.

How is the car scanned for bugs

You should investigate the vehicle for a few hours when you want to detect a bug in it. The two important places to check are the bottom and the back wheels. But if the tracker is very strong; it would be difficult to detect a bug in it.

Most GPS is placed in the car dashboard or the electronic part. These places are critical and most people prefer placing a bug there.

It’s important to buy a tool from the onset to prevent your vehicle from getting harmed.

A strong GPS detector is accessible in any vehicle, and every vehicle owner can track strange devices in their car.

The main objective of this item is to look out for electronic frequency within vehicle proximity and wireless devices.

These devices do not get rid of bugs or block them, they don’t stop them as well; what they do is detect them on time.  Once a bug has been detected;  you need to take action as fast as you can.

The device has different quality as well as the bugs in your vehicle. Some devices are not as strong as you  expect them to be. Not all devices are capable of detecting bugs in vehicles while some are very effective.

When you are using any Device to fish out bugs in a vehicle; always leave your Devices on flight mode or turn them off.  You should also turn off other items so they won’t track you and the device on the spot. In addition to that, Park your vehicle in a remote area so the criminals won’t gain access to it.

Furthermore, you can reach out to individuals in the market and tell them to help you Locate the bug in your car.

Tons of individuals can help you with this but it’s not free; some people will demand a token while charging a huge amount from you.

Their services are not always needed; the only time to consult with these people is when the bug is risky.

What do I do when my car is bugged?

Here are the steps to take when your vehicle is bugged

* If the bug is made of wires; don’t remove it with force so it won’t get damaged. At this point, just Walk into the nearest TSCM office and tell them how you were able to detect a bug In your car

* If the bug is attached to a magnet; remove it with care but don’t damage it. Once you’ve removed it, take it to the legal authority around so they will find out who is tracking you.

* Don’t discuss private things with the person with you when your vehicle is bugged

* If you are unable to detect the bug, but you feel insecure, reach out to organizations that can help you investigate the vehicle

* If you didn’t contact any organization for proper investigation; you can reach out to the police

* Don’t let it beobvious that you sent a TSCM a mail

* Don’t make calls in the vehicle, it will make the suspect know your next move; in addition to this, don’t speak loudly in the Vehicle


Top reliable devices for checking if you are car has a BUG


(1) Frequency Finder Bug Detector- $495.00


(2) Multi-Channel Bug Detector Pro -$875.99


(3) Professional Digital RF bug Detector-$545.99


(4) PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector – $349.00


(5) Rf wireless signal detector wand –  $325.99


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